Cramer's Cooking Class Journal

Cramer's Cooking Class Journal
Posted on 10/28/2016
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Cramer's Cooking Class Journal

The program is thru the VETRI Community Partnership in coordination with the Philadelphia Inquirer and taught by our one and only, Mrs. Meyers, who even though she is retired, gives her time to work with the students. Hats off to Mrs. Meyers!

We had a great first week!.
First of all several teachers shared that when the “winners” were announced there were shouts of glee-they were truly excited! Five fifth grade students participated (the sixth did not bring in her permission slip but will attend next week).
Week 1
We discussed safety rules, how to use the utensils, using a stove, cutting and strategies of how to work together and taking turns. We discussed measurement and experiment with water to determine how many teaspoons were in a tablespoon. We went through the activities of each week and they are so excited about week 8!!!! They can’t wait to invite someone special. Every student got to chop, stir, mix, break eggs, whisk as well as share their experiences of meal time at home. We discussed what healthy food was and how each ingredient contributed to a healthy meal. They set the table, then we reviewed to proper way to set a table. We ate, addressing manners and really enjoyed ourselves. Most all of the students only ate part of the meal as they wanted to share it with their families. One student was even trying to figure out how she could make this recipe at home and then have it for lunch at school!. They cleaned up with no complaints and journaled about what they had learned.

Week 2
The students were excited to make a full meal. The chicken and cauliflower were delicious and we timed the meal so that all was cooked at the same time! The students each had an opportunity to season and prepare the cauliflower and chicken; some of the students had never had cauliflower before. We discussed herbs and spices and one of the students thought we should add dried cranberries to the cauliflower next time. We thought that was a good idea.
Week 3
Week 4
We had another great week and the children loved the stuffed peppers. We were lucky enough to have a visiting “chef”, Ms. Devidre Mullens who got the ball rolling and helped the students cut, chop, stir, slice, dice and set the tables. As the children were not completely impressed with using the cilantro last week, they elected to eliminate it from the recipe this week and we were delighted with the outcome. The coleslaw was tangy and colorful and we thought that we had hit the jackpot with a myriad of colors and textures. We are looking forward to next weeks menu.
Week 5
Our first effort at making soup—none of us had ever had lentil soup before so we were delighted when several teachers stopped by because the hallways smelled so good!!!! It seemed like the lentils exploded and we actually had lentil stew, but the none the less we did enjoy it. Hands down we enjoyed the salad and I think all of us were surprised at how good the salad dressing was…..we all were kind of dubious when we added the ingredients. The students journals reflected that the children were using the skills they had acquired, using cooking terms correctly and for the most part using the kitchen utensils correctly. It is a pleasure to see their growth.

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